With a vision of helping young women and men to transform themselves to become child-centric Montessori teachers, IMTC-Chennai was born; founded in Chennai by Ms. Uma Shanker, the goal of the institution was to propagate the Montessori method and philosophy through the medium of the teachers that it would train. IMTC-Chennai set itself the objective of “providing a high-quality pre-school and elementary education based on the Montessori approach to children, to support their psycho-social and educational development in their early years”.

With a deep belief that this is a tried and tested, scientific method to help children grow to their optimum potential, senior Montessorians with over thirty years of experience have come together to share their knowledge and skills; to kindle the interest of young teacher aspirants to enable them create child-centric environments and discover for themselves the powers within the child and the significance of the early years of childhood.

IMTC-Chennai offers an educational & training course with a difference where students get an opportunity to discuss, debate and learn; write and practice hands-on with the equipment to refine their skills. The institution offers a curriculum that empowers parents and teachers to address the needs of the child with true understanding and insight. IMTC- Chennai offers 3 courses every year, viz. the Primary Montessori Course (week-day), Primary Montessori Course (week-end) and the Elementary Montessori Course (week-end), These courses are between 9 to 12 month duration.

IMTC-Chennai offers workshops and advisory services to schools that wish to set-up Montessori environments and in streamlining their pedagogy in areas such as mathematics, language and so on. since inception 50 schools have been started by students from our institution. Alumni-Schools