Our Vision

Creating a climate for learning where it matters the most.

  • IMTC-Chennai is a Montessori teacher training institute that is committed to the Montessori method and philosophy

Montessori defined education as “an aid to life”.

  • IMTC- Chennai assists in the transformation of teachers to prepare high quality preschool and elementary education based on the Montessori approach to children, to support their psycho-social and cognitive development in their early years
  • IMTC- Chennai also aims at empowering women to qualify themselves to work in a sphere that will give them respect, dignity and economic independence
  • IMTC- Chennai aims at spreading the Montessori method of education all over Tamilnadu and beyond

Our Mission

To help develop the following potentialities in human beings – children, teachers, and ourselves:

  • The zest for living born that comes from appreciating and absorbing the world with our five senses.
  • A lively, intellectual curiosity that makes the world an exciting laboratory thus paves the way for scientific enquiry and keeps one ever a learner.
  • Flexibility when confronted with change and the ability to give up ideas and patterns that no longer relate to the present.
  • Courage to work efficiently and without fear in a fast changing world, adapting to new needs and new ideas.
  • Gentleness combined with justice in passing judgment on other human beings.
  • Sensitivity to see the other person as a human being seeking a good life through his own standards.