Lakshmi Priyadarshini

"IMTC is a silent giant! Although it imparts such a profound philosophy yet chooses to remain humble. The learning that you experience in this course is absolutely authentic, sincere and very productive. The Primary course has a structured curriculum that enables an educator to learn myriads of values. Mrs Shobhana Vaidyanathan and Mrs Bhuvana, faculty members of the course, impart the method in the most authentic and perfect manner. It is a life changing course and upgrades one not just into a proud Montessorian but a human in it’s true sense."

July 9, 2019

Lakshmi- Bala Mandir

The Montessori method of education was an eye opener for me.This helped me understand the importance of using this method which in turn

will help the child grow independently,face challenges,freedom to work at his own pace,maintain discipline when he in the environment,work with his peers without any hesitation.

The four areas

Exercise of Practical Life,Sensorial,Language,Arithmetic made me understand that by working with these materials the child can develop his eye coordination,improve his fine motor skills and work with controlled movements towards his development.

I felt the hand-on experiences using the materials makes the child more confident of himself.

Over all the course was very interesting and not to forget the faculty members were very encouraging and helped us in every possible way.

After 10 yrs being there only for my family,coming out and doing something for myself ,meeting so many lovely friends was completely an enjoyable experience which will remain cherished forever in my mind.


June 11, 2019

Fun with Math Workshop @ Vidya Mandir Estancia

The Fun with Math workshop using Montessori method conducted by IMTC-Chennai was very interesting. It was a pleasure having the trainer at our workplace. The training session was very informative, precise and well - defined. The concepts were imparted with clarity. Visual aids, tool kits were awesome!! Kudos to all the trainers and staff who organised this session.
Thank you IMTC.


K.P. Anurooppa, Vidya Mandir @ Estancia February 21, 2017

Fun with Math Workshop @ Prasan Vidya Bala Mandir

This training program "Fun with Math" really gave some idea on how to introduce numbers and associate them with symbols; how decimal system is introduced first before the basic arithmetic operations. This method ensures that every child has a deep understanding of the basics of mathematics.

Sakthi Shalini February 17, 2017

Workshop @ Vidya Mandir Estancia

Fun with Math Workshop

The workshop, Fun with Math was very useful. It has brought in a lot of insight about Montessori method of teaching. The method used gives a lot of enriched experience to the young learners. Teaching happens in a fun-filled way. There is no fear or stress for the child to learn any concept. Children have so much exposure that the learning happens in depth. Though there was limitation in terms of time, we would definitely take back as much as possible to implement in our teaching methods.


Koteeswari Ramesh February 14, 2017

Thangam Prasad

After quitting my job to be with my daughter, I realised I had an interest in teaching. With a strong understanding of math and science and a desire to reach out to more children, I joined IMTC-Chennai.

In the first week of the course, I came to know that we don’t teach anything in Montessori, only facilitate and children learn by themselves. What a beautiful method it is! It has been around for years but still not known to many people.

More than the course, which did bring a change inside me, the faculty members of the centre were role models for us. I feel very proud to say, “I am a student of IMTC and Mrs. Shobhana Vaidyanathan.” I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it brought out my hidden talents, patience and let me discover my perseverance level.


IMTC Chennai, (2015-2016) June 9, 2016

Pratheebha Senthilkumar

IMTC's Montessori Course has empowered me in many ways. The amazing training enhanced a deep understanding and provided clarifications to several questions in my journey. I bow down to Dr. Maria Montessori for the philosophy and all the staff at IMTC for their support and guidance to understand the concept with clarity. The classroom sessions were very interesting and I feel very happy and satisfied on completion of my course. This course has restructured me and got me focused with managing my time in the various roles I play. I thank IMTC for this wonderful opportunity.


IMTC Chennai (2015-16) June 9, 2016

Montessori teacher training

It was perhaps destiny that made me join the Montessori training conducted by Indian Montessori Training Centre – Chennai (IMTC) and discover the ultimate truth. The Montessori training course is an eye-opener. It threw light on how we have misconceptions about a child’s growing years and their needs. It taught me how to look inside a child’s world like a child and how every tiny aspect that we overlook is important for a child, to help them grow independently and confidently. They are given an opportunity to bloom naturally where they gain freedom to choose, thereby work with interest (without forcing) and eventually become responsible. It made me aware that each child is precious, born with immense potential. All we need to do is to provide help to help themselves and actualize their potentials. It is a wonderful course. You will discover yourself in you!!


Usha Shashikant IMTC - Chennai (2015-16) June 9, 2016