Commences in September every year

The Primary Montessori Diploma qualifies the holder to apply the Montessori method of education to children between the age of 2½ and 6 years. This intense course consists of theory classes and ‘learning by doing’ practical classes.
The Weekend course commences in September every year and is completed by August of the next year. This year the weekend classes will be conducted on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays with special continuous classes in December and Summer. The Primary Montessori course is of 570 to 600 hours duration and the medium of instruction is English. IMTC-Chennai has also developed the capability to deliver this course in Tamil.

Primary Curriculum

The curriculum includes the Theory of the Montessori method, Developmental Psychology and practical demonstration lectures in Exercises of Practical Life, Sensorial Activities, Language and Arithmetic. Other topics include Geometry, Botany, Geography, Zoology and Science. As a part of the course work, students attend “observation sessions” in Montessori schools, for about 30 hours.

Evaluation process – Primary

The students undergo periodic assessments; there are two theory papers and one practical examination at the end of the course The students are required to prepare files around all the topics addressed in the class and prepare materials as required during the course. The student needs to have 90% attendance for the theory classes and 100% for the practical sessions, to be eligible to sit for the final examinations.
On satisfactory completion of all course requirements and passing the final examinations, the student is awarded a Diploma issued by the Indian Montessori Centre, Bangalore.

Eligibility – Primary

For the Primary Montessori course, the candidate seeking admission should have completed 21 years of age and passed Std. XII (Plus Two) – however, graduates in any discipline, are given preference. Fluency in English is a pre-requisite for this course. Candidates who have limited fluency in English and have a good command over Tamil maybe permitted to do their course work and examinations in Tamil and may be provided additional support.