Lakshmi- Bala Mandir

June 11, 2019

The Montessori method of education was an eye opener for me.This helped me understand the importance of using this method which in turn

will help the child grow independently,face challenges,freedom to work at his own pace,maintain discipline when he in the environment,work with his peers without any hesitation.

The four areas

Exercise of Practical Life,Sensorial,Language,Arithmetic made me understand that by working with these materials the child can develop his eye coordination,improve his fine motor skills and work with controlled movements towards his development.

I felt the hand-on experiences using the materials makes the child more confident of himself.

Over all the course was very interesting and not to forget the faculty members were very encouraging and helped us in every possible way.

After 10 yrs being there only for my family,coming out and doing something for myself ,meeting so many lovely friends was completely an enjoyable experience which will remain cherished forever in my mind.